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India is known for its rich culture and unique people. Indians have that distinct culture that sets them aside from the rest. Indian women are beautiful. They have those beautiful eyes that signify the diamonds. They sparkle and you can see the woman's soul with a look in her eyes.
The Indian sarees of the women in India is a symbol of their rich culture. It dates back during the ancient times where a lot of cultural beginnings sprung. Women wearing the Indian sarees are living their lives according to the culture and tradition of their country.
A legend was said regarding the beginnings of the Indian Sarees. A beautiful woman named Draupadi was lost to a gamble by her husband. She was undressed by her husband's enemy to humiliate her. They tried so hard to keep pulling but the clothes on her body were never-ending. This cloth came to be known as the Indian sarees.
Another urban legend about the origin of the Indian sarees is that it originated from the weaver's loom. This weaver is fond of dreaming. The weaver kept dreaming of a beautiful girl. All the details and attributes of women paved the way into the cloth which he has made. The cloth reached several hundreds of yards. The weavers smiled in his delight that while he was gazing at the lovely girl and how her femininity inspired him to create such splendid cloth. This legend tells the reason why Indian women wear sarees. Women want to wear beautiful clothes to display their unmatched beauty and finesse. The Indian sarees are first known to be as short cloth and has been used to be a veil or a skirt. Women do not wear a blouse under their Indian sarees. To exude more femininity, Indian women bare their chests with their sarees. This was done during Ancient times.
Various Kinds of Silk Sarees

Bandhani Sarees are amongst the most expensive that is produced. This popular variety features rich zari (gold and silver threads) and brocades canvassed on heavy gauge silk. With designs that are of Persian origin; its threadwork highlights flowers, animals, and other significant figures vital to Indian tradition.

With its roots coming from the small city of the same name, the hand-spun Kanchipuram silk sarees are amongst those that have retained the most of traditional Indian designs. Believed to last a lifetime, its main features are the zari and multi-colored threads that border it, including a striped loose end known as the pallus. Going along with modern times, some of today's Kanchi designs are already produced with a mix of contemporary design.
The Bafta silk saree is a rich blend of cotton and silk. These are extremely popular and elegant outfits. The best thing about this is its feeling of comfort and warmth (brought about by cotton) with just the right blaze (brought about by silk). With the use of block printing; they are given just the right amount of light colors to give it a blast of tint.
Selecting A Saree To Suit Your Body Shape
Here are some saree style tips for you:
Women with the egg-shaped body (heavier lower bottom) should prefer sarees in fabrics such as Georgette and Chiffon as they tend to balance the body proportion. Girls and women with this body type are advised to go for bright and bold color sarees with sidha (straight) pallu. Alternatively, they can opt for sarees with beautiful borders and small prints.
If you have a V-shaped body (heavy bust and stomach), you should buy sarees that are characterized by beautiful embroidery work. It is advised that you drape the saree higher on the waistline and use longer blouse to hide the fatty areas. For this, Silk sarees would be the best option for you.
If you are a bit overweight, it is best to buy Chiffon sarees. You can even buy Silk saris as they balance the body type. Your best option would be sarees with darker hues and a full sleeve blouse.
If you are slim and skinny, it is best to try out a wide range of organza and silk sarees as they can add volume to their figure. It is highly recommended that you try out backless blouses, cholis, sarees with big bold prints, and halter blouses. You may even try out half saree with a combination of fabrics.
Designer Saree Trends 
Indian art and indigenous designs and crafts are making a comeback be it Madhubani, Kalamkari or Pattachithra, etc., Indian handiwork, handloom, and craftsmanship are the much-appreciated world over. Now these artworks are being customized by designers and specially made on handwoven sarees making it wearable art. These designer sarees certainly make an extremely eye-catching statement piece. For example, Kalamkari art designs are extremely popular and versatile and can be made both on cotton as well as on silk sarees. Kalamkari designs feature mythological figures, nature designs, and motifs. The trend this season is Kalamkari sarees with story narrative on raising pallu designs where the story starts only the border and it spreads to the rest of the saree in the form of a narrative, certainly a conversation starter for any occasion.
With the upcoming spring season comes wedding bells and other auspicious events. Can weddings ever be complete without the customary Kanjivarams on display! Bright colors such as lime green, turquoise blue, and pastels such as pink, lavender with elegantly woven borders are in this season. Wedding must-have colors such as reds, yellows, and greens or a combination of them are always preferred.
Kanjivaram pattus or Kanchipuram silks also come with modern designs and patterns which can be worn even as daily wear or corporate wear. Partly pallu sarees where the design is different in the pallu of the saree and half and half saree designs are much sought-after this season. Bold nature-inspired motifs with animals such as horses, elephants, deers, peacocks and leaves and flowers are also trending this season.
Aari hand embroidery work on silk sarees and delicate cutwork are a delight for saree connoisseurs. The trend this season is to creatively combine two or more techniques like hand-painted art and cutwork embroidery, or Aari embroidery on the whole saree with a printed blouse to give a contrast. The idea is to creatively mix and match to create a style that is nothing short of stunning!
Half and half saree are also quite the rages especially with today's youngsters- a combination of color or designs which come together on each half of the saree. Apart from colors, half and half saree have rare combinations such as printed or hand-painted designs on one part of the saree combined with embroidery or cutwork on the pallu. This concept is quite popular on Kanjivaram silks. The trend is to customize and bring together two unique designs techniques on one saree.
Navratri Fashion Trend - Beautiful Silk Sarees
The Indian Festival of Navratri is synonymous with magnificence and brilliance. Besides Diwali, Navratri is celebrated with much pomp and glory throughout India. Irrespective of the preference for Western fashion or Indo-Western fashion that is predominant in India today, during festivals such as Navratri people prefer nothing but pure and ethnic traditional Indian Fashion. Silk Sarees, perhaps, best represents ethnic and authentic Indian Fashion. Thus, Silk Sarees with their unmatched resplendence is quite the ideal Indian outfit for Navratri. Being famous for the manufacture of Silk Zares, India has a large variety of Silk Sarees to offer such as Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees, Mysore Silk saree, Poochampalli Silk Sarees, Sambalpuri Silk Sarees, etc. Indian Silk Sarees in warm and enriching shades of red, orange, golden, yellow, brown, etc make an Indian woman look her traditional best for Navratri. Silk Saris chosen for Navratri undoubtedly should be gorgeous and glamorous.
Therefore, Silk Zaarez featuring ornate zari woven patterns are the ones that look best for Navratri. Silk Sarees typically feature intricate zari woven patterns along the borders and Pallu. However, Silk Zares also featuring zari woven pattern throughout the Saree besides the borders and Pallu look extremely gorgeous and are best suited for festivals and other special events. At the same time, for those who would prefer something a little less gorgeous would find Silk Sarees with zari woven medium or small decorative motifs quite appealing for Navratri!
If you have a curvaceous figure, it is best to go for saris that are made of fabrics such as Chiffon, Net, and Georgette. Sarees made of these fabrics would lend a sensuous look to you. Moreover, you should buy sarees with light beadworks and embroidery instead of heavily-worked sarees. It is also recommended that you opt for sarees with free-fall that are complemented with string-holding blouses.
The best thing is that you can easily buy Indian sarees these days in a wide range of options. From lehenga style to semi-stitched saris and from designer to bridal sarees, you can get amazing options under a single roof by just visiting the website of a reputed seller.

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